I’d like to provide fruits and vegetables to customers who pursue food safety and authentic taste.

I have loved agriculture since I was a child. I have helped with the harvest of Iyokan (Citrus Iyo) which my grandparents had grown. I used to grow vegetables on the open space of their farmland.

After graduating from university, I had studied about natural cultivation on Wakaba Farm in Tokushima Prefecture for two years. I have started operating my own agriculture in earnest in Ehime, my hometown since May 2020.

“I become a farmer and I grow delicious vegetables and fruits without pesticides.”
This is a dream that I have continued to have since I was an elementary school student.
To make the dream come true, I have been spending every day facing agricultural products of my farm.

Of course, I sometimes find it difficult to grow crops without using pesticides or fertilizers.

In order to feed the world population, it may be necessary to use pesticides and fertilizers successfully.

But once I learned that the fertilizers and pesticides made the microorganisms in the soil threw out of balance and that they made water contaminate and what is more, the number of people with food allergies would go on increasing, I can strongly feel the need of natural cultivation.

I sometimes receive orders of vegetables grown by natural cultivation method from pregnant women, mothers who have infants and persons having intractable illnesses.

I would like to continue natural cultivation so as to assist such customers. I will exert my very best efforts.

The price reflects the value of vegetables and fruits.

I’d appreciate your understanding about my natural cultivation.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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