IZUMI FARM is located in Matsuyama City, Ehime prefecture, Japan.

I have been practicing natural cultivation without using fertilizer or pesticides.

Many years ago, my grandparents planted nursery stocks of Iyokan (Citrus Iyo) in mountainous area and grew them very carefully.

Now I have been growing those Iyokan, vegetables and other fruits.

You can purchase them online or buy at the natural food store (Natural greens. Fratto ) in Matsuyama City.

I’ll make an extra effort to grow safe and tasty food on the rich soil where the multiple microbiota  live.

What is natural cultivation?

Natural cultivation is a method that brings out the natural power of soil, fruits and vegetables in themselves. 

And of course, I use neither fertilizer nor pesticides.

Difference between Organic Farming and Natural Cultivation

Organic farming is a method that uses animal or vegetable fertilizers.

On the other hand, Natural Cultivation is a method that doesn’t use any fertilizers.

It is thought that microorganisms in the soil increase in case of using no fertilizers.

This cause exquisite balance in the natural world, which means that fruits and vegetables don’t get diseases easily and grow healthy.

There is little overproduce of nitrogen in the harmony of this natural world.

You will enjoy the original natural flavor, less harsh taste of the fruits and vegetables.


It is said that billions of or trillions of microorganisms exist per one gram in the soil.

Those microorganisms decompose organic matters, then the decomposed products will be plant nutrient.

Some research has pointed out that the balance of the soil microorganisms will be lost if fertilizers and agricultural chemicals are scattered in the soil.

Therefore I took five years to make soil to grow fruits and vegetables. In order to bring out the power that fruits and vegetables have in themselves, I have been using neither fertilizers nor agricultural chemicals on IZUMI FARM.

I requested  DGC technology Co.,Ltd. to investigate the microbial diversity activity value* of the soil on IZUMI FARM.

As a result, compared to the numeric value which is the average of all over Japan is 500~700 thousand, the numeric value of IZUMI FARM is twice as many ; 1.33 million!

I think this result proves the natural soil power. Because I didn’t use any fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, my soil manifested its potential power, and for that reason, soil microorganisms could have kept balance.

*The microbial diversity activity value :
This is a numeric value that digitalizes the power of organic matter- degrading microorganisms.
The higher the value is, the lower the frequency of causing the repeated cultivation damages of vegetables’ growth and diseases is.

For more detail, DGC technology Co., Ltd. HP http://www.dgc.co.jp/biodiversity.htm

There has been a real-world example on a mandarin plantation that plants has not started to sprout and finally the trees has died because fertilizers had not used.

(Unfortunately the same thing happened on IZUM FARM, too.)

However, among the trees which grew in the fertile soil kept the balance of nature afford fruits concentrated original taste tightly.

From IZUMI FARM, I deliver you fruits and vegetables filled with strong vital power.